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Can Using the Metaverse Enhance Law Firms?

With the announcement of a name change for Facebook’s corporate structure to Meta in October, many people may have looked upon the news as merely a name change and rebranding campaign. However, the name change, in essence, is a signal that the metaverse is quickly approaching, and the implications for the legal world and all » Read More

How Do Podcasts Set Law Firms Apart from the Competition?

When potential clients need legal services, they often ask friends or family for recommendations. They typically use a search engine to look up websites of recommended law firms. In the process, they may notice the websites of competing law firms and look them up as well. Taking this into account, it is easy to see » Read More

What Social Media Trends Can Law Firms Leverage in 2020?

People spend a significant part of their day on social media. While that has been true for some time, emerging trends are reshaping the way we interact with social media platforms. Law firms can leverage the following social media trends to connect with their clients and remain top-of-mind. Doing so may increase the likelihood that » Read More

Social Media Best Practices You Should Be Following

Today, social media is not an option for business success, it is a must. Law firms and businesses of all industries and sizes rely on social media to attract new customers and secure existing ones, increase brand awareness, promote products and services, improve search engine rankings, and drive leads and sales. Social media analytic tools make » Read More

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