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New Jersey Legal Marketing Company: Too Many Leads Left Hanging

Converting quality leads is essential if you are interested in growing your law practice and expanding your client list. An effective digital marketing campaign will bring potential clients to your doorstep, but you have to let them in. Studies show that 46% of phone calls made to lawyers are not answered. That means almost half of the calls that come into a law firm are met with a busy signal, immediately put on hold, or sent to voicemail. If no one is available to take calls at your firm, potential clients seeking an immediate response may move on and attempt to get an answer from one of your competitors.

Connecting with prospects becomes increasing difficult as time goes on. Ideally, when a potential client initiates contact by phone, email, or via your website; you are able to respond and have a meaningful interaction with that potential client within five minutes. Obviously, this is not always possible, especially since almost 40% of leads attempt to contact law firms after hours. Having staff available to answer phones, hiring an answering service, or having a live chat feature on your website can help you quickly respond to leads. Live chat features can also automatically reply to chat inquiries by text or email and let potential clients that you will be in touch shortly. However, your chances of getting a lead on the phone decrease dramatically after the first hour. If someone reaches out to you online, your best opportunity to convert that lead into a client is during the first hour after the initial contact is made.

For more information about how digital marketing can help grow your law firm and expand your client list, call Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) at 856-320-2016 or contact us online. PLM is a boutique digital marketing firm in New Jersey specializing in attorney niche marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and legal web design.

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