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Target the Right Clients

As the internet becomes saturated with legal websites offering a vast array of services, there is a growing trend for educated internet users to search for attorneys who focus their practice on a particular legal issue. If you are a lawyer with a specialty, an effective internet marketing campaign must include the development of a website that highlights your area of expertise and targets your niche market. This ensures that you are attracting the right audience and visitors to your website are actually seeking your specialty services.


PLM’s Specialty

By virtue of the “boutique” nature of our firm, Premier Legal Marketing is particularly adept at “attorney niche marketing”. Our online marketing experts are highly skillful at developing targeted marketing strategies for our clients. Our content writing is so comprehensive and informative, and our search engine optimization techniques so refined, we create an online presence for each of our niche attorneys that establishes them as leading authorities in their respective specialties.


Building Client Confidence

When searching for a lawyer, most people are looking for an expert in a specific practice area rather than a jack-of-all-trades. Many prefer that the law firm handling their case specializes in a particular field, rather than a full service law firm that handles a wide range of cases in a variety of practice areas. Websites designed, developed, and optimized for a single area of practice have proven to be much more successful than those with a broad focus. Providing keyword-rich content that focuses on all the facets of one practice area illustrates to your visitors, and to the search engines, that you are a specialist. Bottom line: Building consumer confidence in your authority and expertise on the pages of your website improves the rate of conversion in your office.


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