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Web Designs for Lawyers

At Premier Legal Marketing, our legal web design team sets the benchmark for personal attention and provides unmatched consideration to detail and customer service. Our website designers have the experience and cutting-edge skills in design and technology to create an innovative design incorporating search engine optimization strategies that get your website noticed, and we also know and understand the law profession. Because our professionals have extensive experience in legal marketing, law firm administration, legal writing and the practice of law, we will approach your law firm website design with a unique perspective that sets us apart from other legal marketing providers.

Effective Legal Web Design

As print marketing’s impact continues to decline, choosing a legal web design team is a crucial step in creating and maintaining your law firm’s online presence. Our graphic designers will not only create a website with a cohesive look and feel that commands the attention of your potential clients, but they will develop a site that incorporates all the necessary design features that get you results: search engine optimization, ease of navigation, site organization, technical support and website maintenance.

Designing for Search Engine Optimization

The design of your law firm’s website must appeal to the site’s visitors, i.e. your potential clients, and must also “rank” with search engine “crawlers” or “spiders”. An effective website design for lawyers allows the crawlers to read the website easily for search engine rankings. When a potential client is searching for a lawyer in your specialty, you want your website to be at the top of the search results page. Premier Legal Marketing’s web designers work diligently to ensure that our designs are search engine “optimized” so that our clients get the visibility they deserve.

Usability & Easy Navigation

Effective legal web design takes into consideration how information is logically organized on a site and how easily a visitor will “navigate” through its pages. Skillful web design and site organization will guide the visitor through the relevant details quickly and effortlessly. Premier Legal Marketing can assist your law firm to organize information in a coherent way that makes sense to visitors and allows them to move through your site without hesitation, all while directing them towards the “contact us” page.

Website Monitoring & Redesign

Expert legal website design incorporates the ability for site administrators to monitor, maintain and redesign a site for optimal results. At Premier Legal Marketing, our designs allow us to determine what pages website guests are visiting and how long they are staying. If visitors come to your site and leave immediately, we can make the necessary adjustments to the design to improve your site’s performance. Our personalized customer service and attention to our clients allow us to become aware of technical issues and solve problems almost immediately.

Website Designs That Get Results

Legal web design isn’t simply about eye-catching aesthetics and a contemporary layout. While the design should look professional and current, an attorney’s website is designed to meet one goal — get the phones ringing. Your law firm’s well-designed website should include exceptional content writing and search engine optimization strategies that increase traffic to the site and keep your visitors’ interest. Navigation through your law firm’s website should be simple, and setting up a consultation with your lawyers should be effortless. Combining all the essential features of good design, Premier Legal Marketing’s web design team creates attorney websites that get the results you want — business expansion and increased revenues.

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