Email Marketing


Email Marketing and Newsletters

Sending email marketing and electronic newsletters are an opportunity to put the email addresses you’ve collected during the course of your business to good use. Email marketing is an effective way to help you build on existing client relationships. PLM’s PR specialists custom craft targeted email messages that your audience wants to read. Our email marketing efforts provide your clients and prospects with relevant, current information in a cost effective way.

Customized Campaigns

Digital PR specialists at PLM will work with you to develop customized email messages that are personalized for your practice. This includes enhancing written messages with images and links, uniquely directed at your target audience.

Email Marketing and Newsletters Generate New and Repeat Business

Another benefit of an email marketing campaign is that it helps create customer loyalty by keeping in regular contact with your clients. Email marketing messages provide your customers with important information and updates in your area of practice. This will keep customers coming back and improve your click through rates for future email campaigns.

Consider using an email marketing effort to keep your firm in the forefront of the minds of your customers and prospects. If you don’t regularly reach out to your audience, you could be losing out on the opportunity to increase your business. Your email messages can also be easily shared by your customers further increasing your reach. Previous clients can refer your law firm to friends and family with just a tap or a click.

Email Marketing and Social Media

Moreover, your email messages can also be shared with your social media followers. This is an opportunity to extend the reach of your email messages by integrating with your social media outlets. A successful online marketing campaign incorporates a variety of platforms and outlets. PLM’s comprehensive approach to online marketing for lawyers encompasses numerous strategies that work together to achieve your marketing goals.

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Premier Legal Marketing, has extensive experience creating successful public relations campaigns for our clients. In addition, we offer various other online marketing services including email marketing, search engine optimization, press releases, website design, and social media marketing. For more information about how public relations can increase your firm’s business, contact our SEO specialists at 856-320-2016. You may also contact us online.