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Public Relations

Public relations is the overall communication strategy a firm sets forth to enhance their public image and increase their exposure. An effective public relations platform is strategically designed to emphasize customer engagement and relationship building.


Online PR

Online PR incorporates SEO, social media, website content, press releases and reputation management. All aspects of your digital marketing campaign must work together to ensure that your law firm is recognized by your target audience as a trusted authority in your practice area.

PLM’s online PR specialists can help you attract new clients online by promoting your law firm across a variety of platforms. We can also help you build on existing client relationships to generate repeat business and referrals.


Successful PR Strategies

New Jersey SEM company, Premier Legal Marketing, has extensive experience creating and managing successful public relations campaigns for our clients. Some of these platforms include:

Email marketing is a targeted digital marketing strategy that has proven to be highly effective for promoting law firms and other small businesses. Email allows potential clients to immediately contact you or share your information with just a click or a tap.

Holding a press conference can have many benefits including drawing attention to your most important cases, showcasing your knowledge in a particular area of the law, the ability to reach multiple different media outlets at the same time and enhance your firm’s brand.

Digital press releases increase exposure and visibility, generate traffic to your website, and boost rankings.

Online reviews can have a profound effect on your public image. PLM can help you overcome negative reviews and generate positive online ratings and reviews.


Find Out What PLM Can Do for Your Law Firm

Speak with one of our SEO specialists today to see how a custom PR campaign by PLM can help grow your business. We also offer various other internet marketing services including website design, social media marketing, reputation management, email marketing and search engine optimization.  Call our Cherry Hill SEO specialists today at (856) 448-4736 or contact us online.

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