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Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

PLM’s Expertise and Knowledge Gets Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of designing and maintaining your website to receive top ranking in major search engine results, therefore driving as many visitors as possible to your site. Premier Legal Marketing’s SEO specialists use our experience-honed skills and knowledge to improve your site’s rankings. Our goal is to increase your conversation rate — the percentage of site visitors who actually become your clients.

Search engines rank your site by using “crawlers” or “spiders”, automated software agents that visit your website and read the information on the site. They gather information such as how often a page is updated, what the page is about and which keywords represent the page’s content. An algorithm is then used to index and rank the information according to relevancy. By using search engine optimization techniques, search engine crawlers can optimize your website, resulting in higher rankings for your site on a search engine results page (SERP).

Content Writing for SEO

The first and foremost SEO technique is to publish content that is worth reading. Creating unique, interesting and relevant content which is correctly written and easy to read ranks highly with search engine crawlers. Visitors to your website must find it worth their time to read your pages, and crawlers will recognize this.

Your website must also communicate a strong message without confusing visitors with irrelevant “optimized” content. Over-optimized sites are viewed as spam by visitors, rather than a credible information source. Moreover, search engines have developed safeguards to protect the integrity of their search results against “spamdexing”. At PLM, we employ legal professionals to write content with an informed knowledge of the substantive message you want to convey and a thorough understanding of the professional image you want to project.

Other SEO Considerations

Once the website content is written, Premier Legal Marketing’s SEO specialists will apply additional effective, and search engine-approved, optimization techniques and considerations before the content is posted to the site:


When it comes to delivering a message quickly and efficiently, nothing compares to the power of an infographic. Today’s consumers want their information in a condensed and visually-appealing format. Infographics do all that and more, creating a memorable impression on site visitors and reinforcing the concept that your firm is the go-to place for the information they need.

Website Page Titles and Heading Tags

Placing the appropriate keywords in your website’s page titles ensures that your topic is recognized by the search engine crawlers. Your ranking depends in part on the titles relevancy to the keyword searches. Also, because search engine users take note of page titles that pop up in search results, properly worded titles on your website bring more traffic and potential clients. In the same way, heading tags should be relevant to the content to which the tag is attached in order to achieve high rankings with the crawlers.

Incoming Links

Simply stated, the more inbound links you have to your website, the more often your site will be “crawled” and the better your chances of obtaining high rankings. The easiest way to gain quality links from other sites is to link to those sites to let them know your site exists and hope for a reciprocal link. However, you must have content that they view as relevant and worthwhile for them to consider linking to your site.

Internal Linking

Effective internal linking assists crawlers, as well as potential clients, to find the content on your website. Relevant link content throughout your site will effectively inform the crawlers what to expect on the corresponding page. When the crawlers can easily read and understand your site, this translates to higher search engine rankings.

Local SEO

SEO can dramatically improve your online visibility; but what is more important is making sure your firm is found by those who have the potential to become lifelong clients. Incorporating local SEO strategies can help you stand out in the community you serve. Local SEO has become increasingly important in recent years, and PLM is on the cutting edge of new trends that can help your firm find the right clients.


Creating and maintaining a sitemap for your website will assist the search engine crawlers to find all of the pages in your site and index them quickly.

Keyword Density

Our SEO specialists understand effective keyword optimization to obtain high rankings, while keeping in mind context and relevancy. Keyword “stuffing” or spamming can be detected by the crawlers, so keywords should be evenly distributed. Filling pages with keywords out of context results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking. Working closely with our SEO specialists, Premier Legal Marketing content writers focus on creating relevant, informative content that utilizes keywords appropriately and in context.

Meta Tags

Meta tags provide information about a web page, most often to help search engines categorize them correctly. They are very often the content that gets displayed on a SERP. Including your targeted keywords in the Meta tags can help your pages of content be easily indexed and can result in a high rank in the search results. PLM specialists understand the balance between “keyword stuffing” (overloading Meta tags with keywords in a jumbled, irrelevant, and out-of-context manner) and filling Meta tags with contextual and informative keyword-rich content that gets high rankings and attracts search engine users to your site.


Your domain can be an important search engine optimization factor. It should contain your targeted keywords. Also, domain age is important because the older the site or domain, the less likely it is to be viewed as spam and the better it will do in rankings.

At Premier Legal Marketing, our SEO specialists employ all available, ethically-sound search engine optimization techniques on behalf of our clients in order to earn top rankings under relevant keyword terms. This results in more visitors to their websites and higher conversion rates.

Analyzing Search Engine Optimization Success

Premier Legal Marketing’s search engine specialists run detailed analyses on keyword searches to ensure that target audiences are responding to the websites we design and maintain. We generate reports that tell us how our SEO techniques are functioning with targeted keywords and help us track the success of our comprehensive internet marketing strategies for each of our clients. Because our SEO specialists work diligently to provide exceptional customer service to our clients, we can make the necessary adjustments to their websites almost immediately to generate more beneficial results.  For more information, contact us online or call our SEO specialists at 856-320-2016.

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