What Is the Future of SEO in 2024?


What Is the Future of SEO in 2024?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) integrates websites’ technical configuration, content relevance, and link popularity to be more accessible, relevant, and popular in user search queries to achieve higher search engine rankings. SEO trends keep pace with advancing technology. Adapting to new trends is crucial for success in today’s market.

In 2024, SEO trends will be more user-centric, ethical, and technically advanced. Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping SEO to be more conversational, better comprehend user intent, and deliver more relevant results. Over the coming year, expect deeper integration of AI in SEO for content creation. Understanding current trends helps businesses rank higher in search engines, generate more traffic, and connect with more customers.

Listed below are upcoming SEO tools and trends for 2024.

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Interest in AI use is steadily climbing, as are investments. The AI market is currently valued at $100 billion and is expected to reach $2 trillion by 2030. Google SGE uses AI to generate search query results and will likely alter how users interact with the search engine and how websites optimize to gain impressions and traffic.

In contrast to chatbots, SGE provides clear and concise results and a snapshot of relevant source links and prompts for additional topical information. The algorithm is capable of understanding and anticipating user intent. In essence, SGE acts as a conversational assistant, comprehending and providing results in a more human-like manner. 

Zero-Click Searches

Searches in which users do not click on displayed results are considered “zero-click” searches and are steadily increasing. According to a recent Semrush study, 57 percent of mobile users and about 25 percent of desktop users leave the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) without clicking on results.

Advanced SERP features often provide precise information, answering user queries without clicking results. For instance, Google provides the location, contact information, and business hours of local businesses users may be searching to find. Focusing strategies to minimize the impact of zero-click searches and becoming a recognized thought leader in the featured snippet helps to ensure users will click on your site in future searches or visit your site directly. 

Answer Engine Optimization (AEO)

The demand for immediate answers without clicking webpage links is increasing due to voice search, smart assistants, and chatbots. AEO adapts content accordingly by optimizing content for AI-powered “answer engines” that answer conversational queries. Developing AEO strategies alongside traditional SEO strategies with concise, clear, and direct content easily utilized by AI and machine learning algorithms and ranked in AI responses is vital to remain visible and relevant.

Topical Authority

SEO is heavily focused on strategies demonstrating expertise on a particular topic, known as “topical authority,” defined through experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EEAT). Search engines prioritize content demonstrating authority, particularly Google. Establishing topical authority requires developing comprehensive topical expert content, a catalog of related content, and creating easy human and bot access to content.  

Video SEO

Video consumption is at an all-time high, with viewers reaching 3.5 billion at the end of 2023. In 2024, that number will only grow, creating a major opportunity to create video content ranking in search engines. A 2023 Video Marketing Statistics report by Wyzowl revealed:

  • 51 percent share video over any other type of content.
  • 91 percent of businesses used video for online marketing.
  • 89 percent purchased from watching a video.
  • 70 percent of non-video marketers plan to use video content.

Businesses need reliable and sound video strategies to ensure viewers watch and value the content and become repeat customers.

Evolving Search Engine Ranking Factors

Search engine ranking factors prioritize expert and trustworthy content, providing the best query responses; however, ranking factors’ full range and importance constantly evolve. A recent Statista survey of over 3,500 SEO professionals found the three leading global factors to be AI, core web vitals, and trusted EEAT sources.

Aligning with these factors is necessary to achieve and sustain high SERP positions in conjunction with the constant and fundamental foundation of the user experience. Providing consistent, accurate, helpful, and user-friendly content is crucial to improving and maintaining SERP rankings.

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