What Social Media Trends Can Law Firms Leverage in 2020?


What Social Media Trends Can Law Firms Leverage in 2020?

What Social Media Trends Can Law Firms Leverage?

People spend a significant part of their day on social media. While that has been true for some time, emerging trends are reshaping the way we interact with social media platforms. Law firms can leverage the following social media trends to connect with their clients and remain top-of-mind. Doing so may increase the likelihood that clients will reach out to you first whenever they need legal services.

  • According to Cisco, more than 80 percent of online content will be video by 2022. Whether it is a short 60-second segment highlighting your community involvement or a several minute educational piece that explains a legal issue, video continues to be more engaging than text or images. Using video to tell stories on social media is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Social Media Communities. Several of the law firms served by Premier Legal Marketing report that they have received referrals via Facebook Groups. Social media communities might be localized, such as a parent group in a specific town. Others may be focused on a mutually shared hobby, interest, or occupation. In all cases, group members share their experiences and may seek the advice of other members to arrive at solutions. Your continued presence on Facebook and other social media platforms increases the chances that your firm will be noticed by social media communities.
  • One way for law firms to attract clients in the areas you serve is to geo-tag your social media posts. Adding the geographic location of your office to your firm’s social media account will boost your profile to your local audience.
  • Blending of professional and personal platforms. If you mention your law firm or the legal services you provide on your personal social media account, you must adhere to all the rules governing legal marketing. Never use the word expert, and refrain from offering specific legal advice if a potential client posts a question. Keep any answer extremely general to avoid the appearance of creating an attorney-client relationship.

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