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Recovering from Google Penalties

If your law firm’s website has been penalized by Google, much of your website traffic can disappear overnight. In fact, you can lose 20 percent of your users, or even more, in an instant. You can incur either a Manual Action or an Algorithmic Penalty for violating basic search engine optimization (SEO) rules. Many websites » Read More

Mobile Searches vs. Desktop Searches

What’s More Popular? Since computers arrived on the scene for both business and private use, and the internet gained popularity, consumers use their desktops to search for items of interest, what to purchase, and where to go for necessary services or even on vacation. Smartphones with their availability, convenience, and versatility also enable users to » Read More

How Newsletters Can Benefit Your Law Firm

Developing and circulating a regular newsletter to past, current, and prospective clients, vendors, staff will keep your law firm present in their minds without overt advertising. A monthly or quarterly newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with past clients and new prospects. Newsletters keep your audience informed about any law firm news, » Read More

Taking Advantage of Google’s Mobile-First Index

In the past, Google established a ranking baseline of website visits and internet searches based on desktop users only. However, this was before the exponential increase of mobile phone usage upended the previous standard. Now that mobile users exceed those using desktop computers, Google plans to revamp their system of indexing to change the ranking » Read More

Multimedia Content

Its Dramatic Impact on Your Ranking Potential The multimedia content you add to your website has the potential to seriously boost your site’s rankings. That’s because search engines value engagement, search visibility, and the general user experience when ranking your site – and multimedia content can enhance all of these. But what exactly is “multimedia » Read More

Three Types of Marketing

In the world of marketing acronyms, there are three that stand out: PPC, SEO, and SEM. Since the digital marketplace changes so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up with new trends, let alone understand which one will work best for your law firm. The approach you choose should be the one that utilizes » Read More

Importance of Engaging Social Content

In the hectic, fast-lane life that most of us live today, social media is the one place where we can all connect. Those connections may be brief and seemingly insignificant at times, but they can also be meaningful in their simplicity. The childhood neighbor, the high school chum that we lost touch with, the old » Read More

Why You Need an FAQ Page on Your Website

Today’s non-stop pace means that consumers want what they want when they want it. To expedite the search for quick answers about a business while keeping clients engaged, it’s useful to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website. Even if it appears time-consuming or daunting to put together, your business will reap » Read More

Speed to Become Major Ranking Factor for Mobile Searches

Google’s new speed update algorithm will take effect this July Beginning in July of 2018, Google page speed will become a major ranking factor for mobile searches. Although page speed has been a Google ranking factor since 2009, it was never officially a consideration for mobile. The speed update is supposed to affect only those pages » Read More

Search Ranking Algorithm Updates Confirmed by Google

Within the last few weeks, many in the search industry began to notice updates to Google’s algorithm that were impacting rankings in the SERPs. This may have come as a surprise, because December is usually one of the calmer months when it comes to SERP volatility. That’s because Google tries to minimize potential impact before » Read More

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