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How Newsjacking Can Help Boost Awareness for Lawyers in Philadelphia

Newsjacking is a term coined by a well-known online marketing strategist. The concept is simple yet effective: piggyback on trending news topics by adding your thoughts and opinions, then share your comments online to expand your target audience. How is this relevant for lawyers? Think of your target audience as your potential client base. Today, » Read More

Do SEO Quick-Fixes Work?

Law firms and other business owners eager for a boost in rankings are often looking for a quick fix to their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) shortcomings. Although effective search engine marking (SEM) requires a significant amount of time and effort, there are a few technical SEO fixes that may produce an initial bump in » Read More

Backlinks: A Starring Role in Your Online Success Story

In the world of SEO (search engine optimization), the backlink is essential to getting the results you need. That is because a backlink links your website to other pages. Having a large number of quality backlinks can have a big impact on ranking higher on major search engines. At one time, even low-quality backlinks could » Read More

How Do Podcasts Set Law Firms Apart from the Competition?

When potential clients need legal services, they often ask friends or family for recommendations. They typically use a search engine to look up websites of recommended law firms. In the process, they may notice the websites of competing law firms and look them up as well. Taking this into account, it is easy to see » Read More

Protect Your Website from Negative SEO

Law firms are confronting more competition than ever before because potential clients have many new options for meeting their legal needs, according to a 2019 report by Georgetown University. That is one reason why it is so important to invest in digital marketing. Your website can be an important vehicle for reaching potential clients and » Read More

What Social Media Trends Can Law Firms Leverage in 2020?

People spend a significant part of their day on social media. While that has been true for some time, emerging trends are reshaping the way we interact with social media platforms. Law firms can leverage the following social media trends to connect with their clients and remain top-of-mind. Doing so may increase the likelihood that » Read More

Abandon Outdated SEO Strategies

Google and its competitors continue to leverage increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to deliver higher quality search results. This has important implications for law firms and other businesses that use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to drive more traffic to their websites. In the wake of new AI-based search algorithms, it is time to » Read More

How Can Long-Tail Keywords Enhance SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ongoing practice of improving website content to attract traffic from organic search results. In today’s competitive market, law firms must pay attention to SEO to make it easier for potential customers to quickly find their websites. Astute use of long-tail keywords can enhance SEO by reaching highly targeted audiences » Read More

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2020

Advances in artificial intelligence, voice recognition, search engine optimization (SEO), and other technologies are changing the digital marketing landscape. Law firms looking to expand their online reach stand to benefit from keeping up with change. As South Jersey’s leading digital marketing firm focusing exclusively on serving lawyers, we do the heavy lifting for law firms » Read More

Public Relations Tips for Lawyers

According to the 2019 Report on the State of the Legal Market, changing market realities are pushing law firms to take a more strategic view of their market positions as clients have more choices than ever for meeting their legal needs. In this new era of competition, it is important for law firms to enhance » Read More

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