Do SEO Quick-Fixes Work?


Do SEO Quick-Fixes Work?

SEO specialist working on her laptop to attempt quick fixes

Law firms and other business owners eager for a boost in rankings are often looking for a quick fix to their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) shortcomings. Although effective search engine marking (SEM) requires a significant amount of time and effort, there are a few technical SEO fixes that may produce an initial bump in search engine rankings. More importantly, these SEO techniques are an integral part of a successful, comprehensive SEM campaign.

Page Components

Title tags, meta descriptions, schema and subheadings should be optimized on each page of a website.

Title tags and headings indicate to readers and search engines what each page is about. Proper title tags and page headings will allow Google to easily identify and index your content.

Meta descriptions are 160 character previews of a page. They appear on a search engine results page and give readers a brief overview of the content. A well-optimized snippet will draw more clicks and traffic to your website.

Schema refers to a set of html tags that contribute to the way your content is displayed in a search. It is an SEO best practice technique that helps provide a strong foundation for successful SEM campaign.

Subheadings can help organize and format your content while making it more appealing to both readers and search engines. Making good use of h2, h3 and h4 subheadings breaks up the content on a page and helps build the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.


A sitemap is a crucial aspect of SEO. Search engine virtual robots crawl your sitemap looking for keywords, links, errors, duplicate content and numerous other factors that affect your rankings. Making sure a sitemap is accurate, up to date and free from problems is critical for SEO success.

Responsive Web Design-

We cannot overstate the importance of a mobile-friendly site. Most of your potential clients are searching for a lawyer on a mobile device. If your website does not display properly on smart phones or tablets, you are missing out on a lot of prospects. Whether your website is responsive or not will also affect your search engine rankings.

Page Speed-

Page speed is a critical ranking factor in Google searches, and it is equally important to searchers. Studies have shown that a 1 second delay in page loading can cause your conversion rate to drop by 7%. Optimizing your site speed and then requesting Google to re-crawl your site can help improve your rankings.

Will an SEO Quick-Fix Get You a Significant Rankings Boost?

The truth is there’s no quick-fix that will immediately launch your site to the top of Google’s search engine rankings. Technical SEO improvements to your website will help, but to achieve high rankings, technical SEO must be employed in combination with content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and ongoing website maintenance. Legal marketing specialists at Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) offer a full range of digital marketing services for lawyers interested in increasing and enhancing their law firm’s online presence. To find out more about our comprehensive digital marketing campaigns for lawyers, contact us online or call 856-320-2016.