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Backlinks: A Starring Role in Your Online Success Story

In the world of SEO (search engine optimization), the backlink is essential to getting the results you need. That is because a backlink links your website to other pages. Having a large number of quality backlinks can have a big impact on ranking higher on major search engines. At one time, even low-quality backlinks could » Read More

Behind the Scenes: Understanding Technical SEO

A great deal of thought, research, and creativity goes into content marketing – but what goes on behind the scenes, from a technical viewpoint, is just as important. The following is some information that may help to demystify technical SEO and convey its importance to the big picture of content marketing. What is Technical SEO? » Read More

Important Guidelines on Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Digital marketing strategies can, and should, be tailored to the unique type of business as well as audience for which they are built. Though most law firms rely on SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising to draw in new clients, your outreach should be tailored to you and to your firm, your experience, and the services you » Read More

Is Mobile-First Index the World-Wide Wave of the Future?

According to a recent survey, more than 55 percent of all web traffic is coming from a mobile device rather than a desktop – and that percentage seems to be growing every year. That may mean that a mobile-first index is the wave of the future. Ever since Google announced that it will switch to » Read More

The Importance of Google Voice Search SEO

Just four years ago, 41 percent of surveyed adults said they use voice search at least once a day. By 2020, it is anticipated that at least half of all internet searches will be conducted by voice. Now is the time to start working on strategies to bring your law firm to the top of » Read More

Using AMP to Improve Your Website

Although you may have heard of AMP when discussing your website and how to improve its rankings and visibility, you may not know what it is or why it is important. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a technological tool implemented into websites to help boost speed in mobile search engines. With AMP in place, » Read More

Differences Between SEO and SEM

Before delving into the differences between SEO and SEM, it is best to define both types of technological tools. SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, attracts users to a website and creates visibility within the internet by employing certain keywords. Through signals or triggers the keywords send to the search engine, the website appears. » Read More

Adding Content to Your Website

Human beings have become obsessive learners in a sense. We are constantly seeking out the new and different online. That is just one of the reasons it is so important to frequently update your website. If it becomes stale and static, it will not hold the allure of a similar website that is constantly offering » Read More

Multimedia Content and Its Dramatic Impact on Your Ranking Potential

The multimedia content you add to your website has the potential to boost your site’s rankings. That is because search engines value engagement, search visibility, and the general user experience when ranking your site, and multimedia content can enhance all of these. What exactly is multimedia content? It is content that combines different forms, including » Read More

The Differences Between Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, and Responsive Design

A mobile version is essential for any business or organization that is developing a new web presence. That is because, on average, the number of people using tablets and mobile devices to browse the internet has surpassed the number of desktop users throughout the world. Mobile devices include everything from handhelds to tablets, and it » Read More

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