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Public Relations Tips for Lawyers

According to the 2019 Report on the State of the Legal Market, changing market realities are pushing law firms to take a more strategic view of their market positions as clients have more choices than ever for meeting their legal needs. In this new era of competition, it is important for law firms to enhance » Read More

Google Maps: Six Steps to Higher Rankings

Google Maps plays a key role in helping clients locate your firm online. Improving your Google Map ranking can maximize your online presence and help you attract more clients to achieve your business goals faster. Google Maps When a prospective client performs a search, the top three entries displayed are paid ads. A Google Map » Read More


Month after month, the impact of print-based marketing wanes and internet use grows. As law firms aggressively compete for clients, it is increasingly important for lawyers to ensure potential clients can find their websites easily. There are two primary ways to accomplish this: Search engine optimization (SEO) Pay-per click (PPC) ads When a potential client » Read More

Social Media Best Practices You Should Be Following

Today, social media is not an option for business success, it is a must. Law firms and businesses of all industries and sizes rely on social media to attract new customers and secure existing ones, increase brand awareness, promote products and services, improve search engine rankings, and drive leads and sales. Social media analytic tools make » Read More

Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

When your law firm first unveiled your new website, you may have marveled at the sleek design, unique features, and how it would successfully build your business. Though with the passage of time, you may come to realize that web traffic seems slow and the influx of and contact with clients appears to be dwindling. » Read More

How Your Firm Can Benefit from Online Reviews – Infographic

It’s no secret that today we live and buy by online reviews. Online reviews have become incredibly important for consumers, allowing them to gain valuable insight into a product or service that they will ultimately use to make a purchasing decision. In fact, a local consumer review survey found that people read an average of » Read More

Voice Search the New Norm

Voice search, the projected next big thing in technological advancement, is quickly rising in popularity. The power of our voices is not only a basic human quality but has become a powerful source of information and an influential tool for communication. Voice search can help us source information, buy and sell products, and make daily » Read More

Update to Domain Authority

This year is seeing big changes to the way MOZ calculates domain authority (DA). Domain authority is a predictor of the ranking ability of a website. It uses a numbers scale to determine the score of a website and how it will rank in search engine results. These scores are based on a domain’s inbound » Read More

Top 12 Most Popular Google Products – Infographic

When you think of Google products, what comes to mind? You probably think of popular and well-known products like Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search. But did you know that Google has over 200 products and services? Since its launch in 1998, Google has expanded rapidly and is now one of the most influential brands » Read More

On-Site SEO Factors

SEO can be complicated and that is why it is important to have an experienced SEO team managing your legal marketing efforts. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is used to increase the quality and amount of traffic that visit your website. Productive SEO helps your website appear in organic search engine results » Read More

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