Premier Legal Marketing Is First Legal Marketing Company on the Metaverse


Premier Legal Marketing Is First Legal Marketing Company on the Metaverse

marketing client using VR equipment to engage in the metaverse

Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) has announced the opening of its new virtual office in the metaverse. The first legal marketing company to open an office in the metaverse, PLM established an office on the popular virtual world Decentraland.

A combination of virtual and augmented reality, the metaverse is an immersive digital environment containing multiple virtual worlds, such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and Spatial, where users interact through the use of digital avatars. The metaverse offers industries and businesses the unique opportunity to operate in both the physical and virtual realms simultaneously.

PLM customizes services for clients seeking to increase their digital internet presence, which now includes the metaverse. Overall industry growth on the metaverse is increasing at staggering rates, with the legal community leading the charge as the fastest-growing industry to date.

“With a presence in the metaverse, PLM can offer even more niche services and enhance our ability to help new and existing clients expand their client base on a global scale by delivering their unique message to the world,” PLM Vice President Susan Poyatt said. “The metaverse allows businesses such as ours and those we serve to operate and interact with clients in two realms at once.”

PLM has an excellent track record of creating successful digital presences for law firms and establishing them as leaders locally and nationally through marketing, branding, public relations, content writing, responsive design, and more. PLM now offers services to purchase land and build virtual offices in the metaverse on behalf of law firms.

“We seamlessly incorporate artificial intelligence into firms’ digital marketing platforms to enhance company messages, personalize services, and attract and educate clients and improve their experience,” Susan said.

Artificial Intelligence with Look-alike Avatars

Digital avatars allow PLM to create multiple videos without the need for time-consuming and costly filming, as well as updating and repurposing older existing content. Avatars representing our client firms’ attorneys provide information on practice areas in up to 50 languages in short videos that are more engaging, excellent for search engine optimization, and double as social media content.

A continuously evolving digital marketing agency, Premier Legal Marketing is bringing the legal industry to the forefront of cutting-edge content. To learn more about PLM’s new metaverse office and client services, call 856-320-2016 or contact online.