SEO Specialists: Is Your Site Ready for May?


SEO Specialists: Is Your Site Ready for May?

As technology enhances, it seems impossible to have a website that is not mobile-friendly. Despite the increasing use of smartphones and the need to create websites that are easily viewed while on-the-go for the average consumer, many websites are still behind on the times.SEO

Google will be launching a sizable update this May for mobile devices. The update will mean mobile friendly websites that are optimized for mobile searches will have higher positions in search results, which has led Google to actively remind businesses and publishers to get on board with mobile websites. This means website owners who do not currently have a mobile friendly website need to start implementing changes as soon as possible in order to remain searchable.

This update aims to boost the effects of Google’s algorithm that is specifically geared toward mobile device users. Those with mobile-friendly websites already in place will not see much of an effect, if any.

Google is beginning to issue a new warning to those who do not have mobile-friendly websites, which will show directly in the mobile search results for the owner of the website. Criteria for being mobile-friendly include:

  • Does not include software not supported by mobile devices, such as Flash.
  • Links are placed with enough space in order to be easily tapped on a mobile screen.
  • Text does not need to be zoomed in on to be readable by users.
  • Content is sized and placed in a manner that does not require users to zoom or scroll horizontally.

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