SEO Company Reports on Finding the Right Keyword


SEO Company Reports on Finding the Right Keyword

Criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey or New Jersey criminal lawyer? Finding the right keyword for SEO can make a world of difference for where your firm places on a potential client’s search. With academic research stating that 91 percent of Google searches do not go past the first page, picking a concise keyword makes all the difference.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to find the right keyword

  • Who is your target market and demographic?
  • Is the keyword geared towards individuals or businesses?
  • What terminology would your audience use?

Bear in mind that this last point is probably the most important. While you could use erudite, technical language for business litigation, such jargon may be lost on a client seeking a personal injury lawyer. It is important to demonstrate your authority and knowledge, but accessibility means more to the layman.

In regards to deciding keyword length, it is important that it is not too short or long. One-word keywords like “lawyer” will bury your page in results. A keyword like “Philadelphia lawyer” is better and “Philadelphia personal injury lawyer” may be optimal. Three to four words, otherwise known as long-tailed keywords, will yield more results.

With both content and length affecting how your keyword places you, the SEO world becomes more and more complex upon a second glance. The skilled SEO company, Premier Legal Marketing, can make all the difference in your law firm. With services ranging from social media, legal content writing, paid search, organic search and web design, Premier Legal Marketing can increase your firm’s internet presence. To find out more about PLM’s boutique services, contact us online or call 856-448-4736.