SEO Company: The Importance of Blogging for Lawyers


SEO Company: The Importance of Blogging for Lawyers

Building and maintaining a reputation as experienced legal counsel is a difficult process that can take many years. Hoping that your hard work and ethics are passed through word of mouth alone may lead to just a trickle of clients. Luckily, online blogging gives you the opportunity to share the values and successes of your practice.

Marketing for a Changing Field

In a time where most people spend their days on the computer for work or recreation, legal marketing has had to adapt. Billboards and television commercials will always prove reliable, but maintaining an Internet presence is critical—not to mention more cost-effective and efficient. A billboard covers one stretch of road; a commercial, one time-slot. With Internet marketing, a lawyer can reach clients in any region.

Establishing Yourself to Showcase your Experience

A regularly maintained blog will show just how up-to-date a lawyer is on current issues and changes in their practice area. Offering insight into current events within the legal field can establish a lawyer’s skill level, knowledge and experience, making them appear more confident and informed to their potential clients. Aside from building your reputation, a blog can help increase your SEO and drive traffic onto your website. Furthermore, a strong social media presence will make your blog and website more accessible, seeing as most everyone utilizes some form of it.

While many who have been practicing law for years know to be leery of anything too trendy, the fact remains that legal blogs have been around since 2002, helping lawyers boost their presence as well as the number of their clients.

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