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Premier Legal Marketing Reports New Jersey School District Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A settlement has been reached in a New Jersey sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the Passaic County School District.  The lawsuit claims that Terrance Love, a New Jersey councilman and vice-principal of Casimir Pulaski School No.8, made inappropriate sexual advances and comments toward administrative secretary, Jenny Gallo, after becoming acting principal of School No.7 in April, 2013.  The New Jersey school district has agreed to pay Gallo $150,000 to settle the lawsuit.  Love and Gallo both continue to work for the Passaic County School District in different buildings.

Sexual harassment in the workplace should never be tolerated.  New Jersey employees who are being harassed or mistreated by a boss or coworker should contact a New Jersey sexual harassment and employment lawyer who can assist in protecting a victim’s rights while pursuing justice.

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