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Premier Legal Marketing Discusses Tragic Motor Vehicle Accident that Killed Toddler

The 1700 block of South 21st Street was the scene of a tragic accident on Monday, September 21st.  At approximately 5:15 pm, 2-year-old Muhammad Sylla was struck and killed by a paratransit vehicle. According to a witness at the scene, the boy ran into the street and was hit by the truck, then run over by the left front tire.

According to police, the boy’s father was outside working on an SUV with another relative when the accident happened. Muhammad Konate, also related to the victim, witnessed the accident. The accident was a devastating loss, and a heartbreaking tragedy for the family of Muhammad Sylla.

Police interviewed the driver of the vehicle, but investigators did not find any wrongdoing on the driver’s part. Unfortunately, it was just a tragic accident.

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