Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company Discusses Vicious Pit Bull Attack


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company Discusses Vicious Pit Bull Attack

A Brooklyn resident was on his way to church in the Bronx when he was violently attacked by two pit bulls. The man suffered extensive injuries, including a severed ear, multiple lacerations over his entire body and nerve damage to his hand. Thankfully, he survived the dog bite attack, but could have permanent nerve damage and will likely need another operation to the repair the damage.

The owner of the dog claims that she and the victim had an altercation, at which time she dropped the leashes and the dogs attacked. Allegedly, the dogs immediately pounced and started biting the man relentlessly. At least eight people tried to get the dogs away, swinging chains at the dogs and spraying water at them, but they continued to attack.

While the pit bulls were taken into the custody of animal control, and will likely be euthanized, the male victim expressed regret that the animals will be put down. In fact, he owns a pit bull himself, and knows that they are not inherently violent unless they are trained to attack. But he also knows the incident could have ended much worse, and that he is lucky to be alive.

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