SEO Company: Your Website is Your Business Card


SEO Company: Your Website is Your Business Card

A 2014 survey on how clients go about finding lawyers provides some interesting statistics. The results were broken down into the following categories:

  • Internet: 38 percent
  • Consult local bar association: 10 percent
  • Ask a friend or relative: 29 percent
  • Yellow pages: four percent

With a majority of clients surveyed saying that they found their lawyer online—an 18 percent increase in nine years—website design is more important than ever. Websites that are concise and accessible reflect the ethics and competency of the attorneys they represent. Things like pixelated pictures, out-of-date blog posts, and lack of practice area pages can pose as detriments. A well-designed, constantly updated site displays organization and establishes the skill level and experience of a lawyer for their practice areas.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to evaluate your website:

  • Have you marketed all your services?
  • Is the language you are using geared to your target demographic?
  • Where do you rank on search engines for your area?
  • Can potential clients access your website easily on a tablet or phone?
  • Is your content updated weekly? Are you demonstrating your successes?

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