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Philadelphia SEO Company Reports on Petco Pulling Tainted Treats

Pet supply store, Petco announced last week that it has pulled all Chinese made treats from its shelves.  The products in question contain chicken, duck, or sweet potato jerky and have led to 4,800 complaints to the FDA since 2007 involving more than 5,600 sickened dogs and cats.  Close 1,000 pet deaths have been attributed to the tainted treats.  Despite an investigation and inspection of the Chinese factories that produced the product, no cause has been found yet.  PetSmart plans to also remove the product from shelves later this Spring. With the threat of multiple class action suits stemming from the dangerous product, Nestle Purina Pet Care and Waggin Train LLC, two of the biggest makers of the tainted treats agreed to create a 6.5 million dollar fund to compensate pet owners who believe their animal died as a result of ingesting the jerky.  Follow this link to read more about this story.  

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