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New Jersey SEO Company Reports on Technology for School Buses

Law enforcement officials are looking into new technology that will help locate motorists who ignore a stopped school bus and hopefully deter school bus accidents.  The Department of Transportation states that 23 million children ride the school bus every day and according to statistics from the National Association of  Pupil Information Services 70,000 drivers per day pass stopped buses.  Now police are looking to a new camera that would be mounted inside the bus and would be activated when the bus stopped.  Similar to a red light camera, this mini camera is able to capture the make and license plate of any vehicle that chooses to violate the law.  A ticket would then be sent by mail to the motorist.  The hope is that if drivers realize that their actions are being recorded they will be less likely to pass the bus and potentially injure or kill an innocent child.  For more information on this story click on this link. 

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