PLM’s Online Attorney Reviews: A Siren’s Song that Draws Clients to Your Firm


PLM’s Online Attorney Reviews: A Siren’s Song that Draws Clients to Your Firm

PLM's Online Attorney Reviews A Siren’s Song that Draws Clients to Your FirmA potential client who desperately needs an attorney but doesn’t know where to start looking will probably turn to reviews at some point to make that important decision. Client reviews can be found everywhere of course, but you do have some power in managing what a future client will find. And, since reviews will exist whether you embrace them or not, it is wise to take control and turn reviews into a marketing magnet for your firm.

Building an Online Reputation through Reviews

If you don’t pay attention to your online reputation, no one else will either. That means you could lose potential clients to firms that are more review-conscious than you are. But if you consciously pursue and nurture the reviews that go out into the world, you will build up a positive narrative about your firm online. But how?

Request Reviews from Former Clients

Since an online review can be perceived as a personal recommendation, you can begin by reaching out to former clients who know you well and are happy with you and your services. Then locate associates in the firm who had the most contact and the best rapport with them, and have them ask for reviews. You might even consider incentivizing this step for associates by making review accruals part of their own performance assessment or by offering a perk, monetary or otherwise, for good reviews.

Time It Right

Timing is everything. You can plan for review requests by anticipating case outcomes. Depending on the type of case, you can ask for a review on the day a settlement check is delivered or the day a case is resolved in a positive way. That way you capture a review during an optimum moment, when a client is happiest.

Share Good Reviews Generously

When you receive a positive review, be sure ask your client to share it on the internet and social media. When a potential client finds multiple positive reviews across diverse online locations, it creates a powerful impression of your firm.

Respond to Any Negative Reviews

There is bound to be someone who revels in making a complaint. But that doesn’t have to be the last word. When you engage with your detractors, you have the chance to show the world how intelligent, fair-minded, and upfront you are. If there are genuine problems, resolve them and then share the result.

Let Us Guide You!

Premier Legal Marketing has the experience to help you identify the most relevant online review sites, and to help you set up a review system that will spotlight your rave reviews. As a boutique digital marketing firm, Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) offers the best in personalized service exclusively to lawyers and law firms. Call us today at 856-448-4736 or contact us online to learn more about PLM’s internet marketing services for lawyers.