Internet Marketing Company Discusses the Importance of Responsive Website Design in 2015


Internet Marketing Company Discusses the Importance of Responsive Website Design in 2015

Any business looking to get their website ranked understands that successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are largely determined by the internet giant Google.  For 2015, Google advises that responsive website design (RWD) is a key factor for gaining high search rankings.  A RWD will automatically adapt to the screen of a handheld smart device, rather than reload the website in a mobile version, creating an optimal viewing experience on handheld devices.  With internet usage on handheld smart devices expected to equal desktop PC usage in 2015, RWD is essential for effective search engine optimization.

Responsive designed websites provide a better experience for handheld internet device users.  Mobile version websites are generally slow to load and often result in page errors.  When this happens, users typically abandon the mobile site and return to their search results to find a website that is more user-friendly.  This type of activity increases a website’s bounce rate and indicates to a search engine that the site is not interesting or useful to visitors.  Responsive websites which automatically and immediately adapt to the screen of a mobile device are more likely to reduce bounce rates because they enable users to easily access and navigate the site, increasing the likelihood that visitors will browse and use the website rather than abandon it.

RWD also enhances search engine optimization because it requires only a single URL for the website to be viewed on either a PC or mobile device.  The use of a single URL enables easier searching and indexing by search engines and contributes to higher rankings.  Google’s expressed preference for RWD over mobile versions indicates that in order for a website to achieve high search engine rankings, it is essential that the website includes a built-in responsive web design.

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