SEM Specialists: New “Google Posts” Platform Could Have Major Impact on SEM


SEM Specialists: New “Google Posts” Platform Could Have Major Impact on SEM

What is “Google Posts?”

Google postsA new platform currently being tested by Google could have a major impact on both organic and paid search results. Nick-named “Google Posts,” since Google has yet to officially name this new feature, it basically functions as a one-way social network that displays content you post directly on a search engine results page (SERP.) Initially this invite-only experimental platform was available only to presidential candidates; however, it has since been expanded to include other prominent figures and some organizations. It allows verified individuals and organizations to post content that show ups on “cards” on a SERP.

Users can browse “Google Posts” horizontally on the search results page, and click on a “card” to view a full post and be directed to the poster’s website. Posts can include photos, videos and links. “Google Posts” also include social media buttons which enables users to easily share the posts.

How Could “Google Posts” Affect SEO?

On a SERP, “Google Posts” appear very prominent and could generate more clicks than paid or organic search results. Posts can be updated in real time and will instantly present a searcher with greater insight and information about your website than the current text-only snippets that are displayed in search engine results, which would likely yield higher conversion rates. In the example above, Andrew Jewelers’ “Google Posts” are much more enticing than the listings for the other jewelers on the SERP. “Google Posts” is not yet available to everyone. Google now has a waiting list for people who are interested in using this experimental platform, but Google has not revealed if or when “Google Posts” may become available to the public.

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