Digital Marketing Firm: Is Content Marketing Really Necessary for Lawyers?


Digital Marketing Firm: Is Content Marketing Really Necessary for Lawyers?

Content marketingCompetition is fierce in the legal profession. The internet has become the primary source for prospective clients seeking lawyers, and law firms are fighting to be on the top of Google search results pages. In the past, keyword stuffing and technical SEO alone may have been enough to get you ranked on page one of a search engine results page (SERP), but as Google’s search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, so too must your marketing strategy.

The importance of content marketing for lawyers cannot be overstated.

Search engines are constantly looking for new content in order to determine which websites will reliably give searchers the up-to-date, relevant information they are looking for. Therefore, it is imperative that your content is updated often. Regularly adding blog posts and/or web pages provides fresh, new content for Google to index.

That being said, simply posting a few short blogs stuffed with keywords a couple times a month won’t actually help you and could end up hurting you. For one thing, if you manage to increase your ranking initially, it will likely not be sustainable because search engines penalize sites with high bounce rates. Your content needs to be informative and interesting to readers in order to prevent searchers from quickly moving on.

A strong content marketing strategy goes hand-in-hand with best SEO practices.

High quality content is also essential in order to convert prospects to clients. Your content should relate to the real-world legal problems people face and provide answers to the questions potential clients have. At the end of the day, being ranked on page one of a SERP only benefits your firm if the people who view your website see you as a strong legal advocate and the best choice for their legal needs.

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