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New Jersey Legal Marketing Company PLM: Bus Company Sued by Passengers Injured in Fatal Accident

It has been one year since Frank Schaffner was sentenced to 16 years of probation for his role in a tragic West Pennsylvania bus-train crash that occurred in April, 2013.  Schaffner was driving a minibus carrying senior citizens and people with disabilities, when he failed to stop at a railroad crossing in Butler, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh.  A freight train crashed into the minibus, killing two passengers and injuring eight.  Earlier this month, the families of the deceased and the injured victims filed a personal injury lawsuit against the bus driver and the transportation agency which claims that the accident was caused by their negligence.  Despite screaming passengers’ attempts to alert him, Schaffner said that he did not hear the train over his radio.  He also told police that he had never encountered a train there before.

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