Digital Marketing Specialists: Spotlight on Safest Youth Bike Helmets


Digital Marketing Specialists: Spotlight on Safest Youth Bike Helmets

Warm weather is upon us, and many children are taking their bikes for a spin and enjoying the season. Safety should always be a priority during bike season, and Consumer Reports has recently crash-tested ten children’s bike helmets to determine which ones provide the best injury protection in a bike accident.

According to Consumer Reports, higher priced helmets tend to be lighter in weight, are often well ventilated and may feature nice designs; however, many offer the same injury protection as lower priced models. Consumer Reports’ top safety pick for children’s bike helmets was the Bontrager Solstice Youth helmet, priced at $30. Other recommended helmets were the Bell Sidetrack MIPS and the Uvex Quatro Junior, priced at $60 each.

A key factor in bike helmet injury protection is making sure that a helmet fits properly. A well-fitted helmet will be snug, should move very little on your head and the chin strap should be fastened tightly so that the helmet presses down on the top of your head when you open your mouth.

Digital marketing specialists at Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) urge all bike riders to wear helmets while riding to protect themselves from potential serious head injuries in the event of a bike accident or crash.

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