Why You Need an FAQ Page on Your Website


Why You Need an FAQ Page on Your Website

New Jersey SEO company can assist you in getting the most traffic to your site and raise your rankings.Today’s non-stop pace means that consumers want what they want when they want it. To expedite the search for quick answers about a business while keeping clients engaged, it’s useful to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website. Even if it appears time-consuming or daunting to put together, your business will reap the rewards of a few simple, information-packed sentences on your site. If you’re still not convinced, let’s go over the reasons why every business website should create an FAQ page.

Saves Time

Sifting through cluttered websites takes time — time that your customers may not be able to afford to waste. When users visit your website to find out about your business, they want to access the information they seek and move on. If they decide your business provides what they want, and it fits in with their goals and values, they will return to the website or contact your firm directly for more detailed information or to schedule an appointment. Losing customers because they could not retrieve the necessary information from a website, or enough information to fully describe your company’s philosophy and services should not be acceptable.

Fruitless Contact Reduced

When you create an FAQ page, potential clients will discover the most important and relevant information about your law firm and the services you provide. While customer communication is never a bad thing, numerous fruitless calls or emails that do not convert into business means lost time and effort on the part of your staff. Communication with your prospective clients should be meaningful and one step closer to a mutually beneficial connection. The FAQ page lays the groundwork and allows your sales team or employees to sway customers and let them know that your company will offer them exactly what they need from which they can make a solid decision. Let the FAQ page answer the most commonly asked questions while you and your staff tackle the challenging ones.

Shows Off Your Brand

Think of the FAQ page as not only a virtual pamphlet of information about your firm but a showcase of your talented staff and superior products and services. Allow your brand’s personality to shine through by offering interesting or fun facts and engaging language to grab your target audience while displaying your skills. A streamlined, inviting page goes a long way in keeping clients interested and informed. Remember that the typical user stays on a website for only about 30 seconds, so make those seconds count!

Improves SEO

To get the most traffic to your site and raise your rankings, SEO reigns as the best method for doing both. Along with keywords and appropriate linkage, creating an FAQ page further enhances your SEO. Within the body of answers, you can include relevant links and keywords to add to its effectiveness. Using commonly asked questions as headers will increase the likelihood that when a user types in that question, your business will appear in the search engine results.

Builds Trust

What’s important to customers is that law firms are transparent about what they are trying to achieve, and how they go about doing so. If you elucidate the concerns and questions prospective clients have beforehand by including an FAQ page, your clients will trust what you say when transactions take place and build stronger connections, which may lead to new customers. If you keep customers well-informed, you take the first step in satisfying their needs, and building their trust.

Creating an FAQ Page Made Easy by the Premier Legal Marketing Team

FAQ pages draw consumers in and keep them informed in a quick fashion, so they become valued customers. Call our SEO company today at 856-320-2016 or contact us online to see how our digital professionals at Premier Legal Marketing can build one for you.