Creating A Successful Marketing Strategy with Both SEO and PPC


Creating A Successful Marketing Strategy with Both SEO and PPC

Cherry Hill SEO specialists at premier legal marketing can help you create the perfect marriage of PPC and SEO.Many marketers believe they have to choose between the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), but this is not an either/or proposition. In fact, these search strategies can work quite well together.

First, let us explore the difference between SEO and PPC, which is pretty simple. The traffic that comes from organic SEO is free. The traffic that comes from PPC comes with a cost per click, hence the name. SEO and PPC can use the same tools, the same search phrases, and the same Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  When these two strategies are used together, they can complement and benefit each other.

Benefits of Combining SEO and PPC

Enhanced Social Media Visibility – Social media now offers highly targeted advertising opportunities. Ads can be targeted to very specialized audiences. For example, you could target 30-year-olds living in Philadelphia who have interest in financial topics and real estate investing. That is how precise it can be. The information you gather from this type of campaign can help to more perfectly form your overall SEO plan.

PPC Can Be Used to Test Strategic Organic Keywords – Your organic keyword strategy can be refined through the use of PPC ads. You can test the conversion rate of the words you want to rank for with PPC ads as your long-term organic keyword plan evolves. This will give you instant feedback on the efficacy of the organic keywords you are testing, allowing you to refine your strategy.

Greater Overall Visibility – Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using SEO and PPC together is the enhanced visibility you get on the SERPs. It may be a natural reaction to want to reduce your PPC efforts after a search term ranks at number one, but the top two or three results are usually PPC ads. So, when you control the paid and organic search results, you increase traffic dramatically, and this gives a strong impression that you are respected and established.

Share Keyword Results – When you run PPC and organic campaigns at the same time, you can draw on twice the data for analysis purposes. You can figure out which words in both categories have the highest conversion rates and use that evaluation to maximize your overall strategy.

Create Organic SEO Based on Best-Performing PPC – This will show you how you can best create page content, title tags, and meta descriptions that you want to rank organically, with immediate results. With this strategy, you will see what works right away.

SEO Specialists at Premier Legal Marketing Can Help You Create the Perfect Marriage of PPC and SEO

Your SEO company has vast experience with both PPC and SEO, and we know how they can be used together to create the most dynamic and successful marketing campaign possible. And because we serve the internet marketing needs of lawyers and law firms exclusively, we know precisely what you need to stand out among your peers.

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