How Will the Latest Google AdWords Update Affect Search Engine Marketing?


How Will the Latest Google AdWords Update Affect Search Engine Marketing?

SERPEarlier this year, Google updated the appearance of its search engine results page (SERP) and altered the layout of pay-per-click (PPC) ads in an effort to provide users with more relevant results and improve ad performance. The update also streamlined user experience by displaying the same format across a variety of platforms, including desktop and mobile devices. Now that we’ve had several months to assess the changes, let’s take a look at how the update has impacted search engine marketing strategies.


Google eliminated a sidebar displaying up to eight paid ads from the right-hand side of a SERP and now lists up to four paid ads at the top of each SERP ahead of the organic search results. Previously only three PPC ads appeared above organic results. Additionally, up to three PPC listings now appear at the bottom of a SERP under the organic results.


Initial fears in the SEO community that the latest update would have a significant negative impact on organic search results have thus far been unfounded. Organic page rankings have remained stable, and despite the additional four listings in the main column of each SERP, ten organic results are still displayed on each page. Fears that the cost-per-click (CPC) of desktop ads would skyrocket as a result of the limited ad real estate on each SERP have also proved to be unfounded. Although some desktop text ad CPCs have been running slightly higher than they were before the update, increases have not been astronomical, and the CPC for some keywords have actually dropped.

Many PPC advertisers have also seen an improvement in ad performance, particularly for ads that previously appeared in the sidebar and now appear at the top of the page.  Marketing strategies that encompass both PPC and organic SEO have proven to be most resilient to search engine algorithm changes and updates.

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