Important Guidelines on Digital Marketing for Lawyers


Important Guidelines on Digital Marketing for Lawyers

New Jersey SEO company provides the digital marketing guidance to make your firm stand out.Digital marketing strategies can, and should, be tailored to the unique type of business as well as audience for which they are built. Though most law firms rely on SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising to draw in new clients, your outreach should be tailored to you and to your firm, your experience, and the services you offer. Your digital marketing should highlight what you do best, and what makes you stand out from everyone else. You want the right clients – the clients who are looking for you.

The following are a few ideas for creating the best digital marketing campaigns possible:

Make Sure Your Website is Up-to-Date

If your content is old or out-of-date, it may suggest a lack of attention and interest. Updating your website with valuable content will show your prospects and your current clients that you are a go-to source for the information they need. Your content can include changes in the law, articles on topics of interest your reader will benefit from, and anything that brings value to site visitors.

Safeguard Your Google Reviews

Your positive reviews on Google can be extremely valuable to your firm. Good reviews are a solid way of building trust and credibility. However, it is important to know the rules for Google reviews – if you break the rules, Google will remove your reviews. For example, you cannot offer an incentive for a positive review, or even ask for a good review. You can ask for a review – but you cannot show any signs of influencing the user.

Make Sure Your Site is Being Indexed

This might be obvious, but you may not be aware that there are some websites that, when launched, have settings that tell Google not to index the pages. This may be due to an oversight or a minor error – but not being indexed will have a major impact on your website. The easiest way to ensure your site is properly indexed is to have it handled by an experienced and reputable New Jersey internet marketing company.

Steer Clear of “Free” Images

Photos and other images can add appeal and interest to your website, but you may not want to hire a photographer or a graphic artist to provide those images. Therefore, you may be inclined to assign an intern to search for images, but there are rules to follow. “Free” images often come at a price. Keep in mind that copyright laws protect these images, even when they may appear to be free.

Know the Value of HTPPS

Ecommerce websites add an SSL certificate to protect credit card information – but it also applies to you. Using this level of security means that your contact forms will be protected just in case a message on your website is intercepted.

Premier Legal Marketing Provides the Guidance You Need to Make Your Firm Stand Out

The digital marketing landscape is always changing, but we take great pride in staying on its cutting edge. We can guide you in understanding and utilizing those strategies that work best for lawyers and law firms. To learn more about how Premier Legal Marketing can help you to reach the clients you want, contact your SEO company at 856-320-2016 or contact us online. We offer a full range of internet marketing services, including branding, website design and maintenance, social media marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, reputation management, blogs, press releases, email marketing, and more. We assist law firms nationwide.