Voice Search the New Norm


Voice Search the New Norm

Philadelphia SEO Specialists at PLM harness the power of voice searchVoice search, the projected next big thing in technological advancement, is quickly rising in popularity. The power of our voices is not only a basic human quality but has become a powerful source of information and an influential tool for communication.

Voice search can help us source information, buy and sell products, and make daily life easier. Voice search allows us to search the internet with just the sound of our voices and using everyday speech.

Studies suggest that by 2020, half of every search conducted will be voice-based. Soon enough, voice search will soon be the way we search for everything online. This statistic is not that shocking since one in five adults perform at least one voice search on a mobile device on any given day.

Voice Search as a Marketing Tool

The rise in voice search makes for growth in both the consumer division and within digital marketers. Anyone who considers themselves marketing experts should learn all they can about voice search and its ability to improve rankings on key search engines.

There are many reasons why voice search is so popular. Voice recognition products, such as Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, make gathering information easier and more convenient. There is no work involved and all it takes is voice control. Local and “near me” searches have increased by 150 percent ever since the surge in voice search began. These searches have made ordinary tasks of life feel easier than ever before.

Also, voice search is a lot faster than typing something into a computer or phone. We speak faster than we type, making voice search a faster way of transmitting information. We are always looking for ways to make life easier and voice search does just that. It is simple, convenient and the newest wave of life enhancement.

Despite being an exciting development in technology, voice search does have its issues. Being such a new technology, it does have its problems and glitches just like every other new technology had when first put out into the market. When artificial intelligence (AI) was first introduced, it was a novelty function with overlooked capabilities. This is still an ongoing problem with voice search technology. Consumers use their voice-based technology for their basic purpose, whether that be listening to music, checking the weather or setting a kitchen timer. Voice search aims to show consumers that they do much more than basic tasks and manufacturers hope to increase user functionality and trust in consumers.

Despite its minor issues, voice search is helpful for marketers to reach a wider audience and learn how your audience communicates with one another. To use voice control effectively, web content should include words and phrases that reflect how the target audience speaks and should predict how people search for certain information. Simple and easy content is more likely to be searched and clicked on.

SEO Specialists at PLM Harness the Power of Voice Search

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