Update to Domain Authority


Update to Domain Authority

Philadelphia SEO Specialists discuss update to domain authority.This year is seeing big changes to the way MOZ calculates domain authority (DA). Domain authority is a predictor of the ranking ability of a website. It uses a numbers scale to determine the score of a website and how it will rank in search engine results. These scores are based on a domain’s inbound links. In March of 2019, MOZ released an improved algorithm that changes the way it calculates the accuracy of DA scores.

A New and Improved Domain Authority

The recent updates bring forth an exciting new way of using domain authority. MOZ will supply more link data with fresher results and interpretable data for its users. This new system makes it easier to compare the ranking of your site with your competitors. Google algorithm updates will coincide with the new update and will incorporate spam scores and link quality patterns to help you make the best search marketing choices.

Will This Update Affect My Data?

If you monitor the domain authority of your site, you will begin to see some changes in the layout and how data is displayed. The DA scores might increase for some sites and decrease for others due to the way the new update is calculating scores. This increase or decrease is not a direct relationship to your current link building strategy.

The new update to DA was applied to your site’s previous data to ensure your ability to compare your progress. Your website’s metrics will still include an accurate representation of your site’s improvement. If you have a current campaign with MOZ, your current score will be retained temporarily after the update launches.

How to Use Domain Authority to Your Advantage

Domain authority is useful in many ways and this new update will make it easier to view your sites search engine results and current ranking. DA is a great resource to view your competitors’ scores and how they change over time. You can compare your site to those of a similar caliber and see where you rank and how you can improve. This update may change your competitors’ score and reflect a lower rating compared to your site due to the improved accuracy of the new update. Your own site may fluctuate in scores as well.

Using DA to your advantage will improve your rankings online and help the success of your site. Despite being very helpful, your DA score is not the only measure of your website’s success. An SEO specialist can be an invaluable source for understanding the complexities of search engine management and SEO tools. Also, do not strive for a perfect DA score, but instead aim to be above competitor sites. A high score will come over time as a result of improved SEO techniques.

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