SEO Specialists Discuss U.S. Regulators Complaint against Staples Merger


SEO Specialists Discuss U.S. Regulators Complaint against Staples Merger

In December, Staples Inc claimed federal regulators applying antitrust laws were “misguided” in their claims, and were trying to block its $6.3 billion merger with Office Depot Inc, a smaller office supply business.

According to Staples, the FTC was selective in which documentation they chose to show in order to prove that the two companies were the only companies competing with large national customers. On December 7, the FTC had claimed in the lawsuit against Staples that the company would control 70 percent of the market if they were to merge with Office Depot.

The defense pointed out that both companies are much larger than the third largest, W.B. Mason, which only has locations in 13 states. According to Staples, the FTC’s complain is a “fundamentally flawed and misguided application of the antitrust laws.” Staples claims they have heavy competition from Amazon and Amazon Business, and has denied that Office Depot is its closest competitor.

Staples has also brought up a 2013 FTC document. In the document, the agency approved Office Depot merging with OfficeMax. The agency found there was a large host of big competitors in the market at the time.

Antitrust laws can be difficult to navigate for anyone from large corporations acquiring smaller business to the smaller businesses being acquired. To ensure the easiest business arrangements, be sure to contact Philadelphia business lawyers to better acquaint yourself with how the antitrust and related laws can help or hurt you and your business.

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