SEO Specialist Report Winter Coats Could Endanger Children in Car Seats


SEO Specialist Report Winter Coats Could Endanger Children in Car Seats

When getting your children ready to go into the cold winter weather, it is always a top priority to ensure they are warm enough to handle the outdoors. However, there may be times when the winter coat that is meant to keep your child safe from the winter ailments may be putting them at a higher risk for injury, such as when you buckle them into a car seat in your vehicle.

A guest on the television channel TODAY from the Kids and Cars organization showed a national investigative correspondent the potential danger of putting a child into a car seat while they are wearing a winter coat. The danger is that it may feel as though the child is buckled snugly into their seat, but the straps are actually dangerously loose due to the excess material from the coat underneath the straps. This means the child will not be properly in the car seat in the event of a car accident.

During an official crash test at a lab located in Michigan, a child dummy was secured into a seat while wearing a winter coat. Although the straps felt secure, the child was violently whipped out of the seat during a 30-mph simulated crash.

Experts have advised parents to strap children securely in their car seat without their coat on. If the child is too cold, parents are advised to put the coat over the child or use a blanket while they are in the car seat during travel. Based on the same findings, experts are now saying adults should also heed the warnings and opt to take their winter coats off while traveling in the car.

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