PPC & SEOMonth after month, the impact of print-based marketing wanes and internet use grows. As law firms aggressively compete for clients, it is increasingly important for lawyers to ensure potential clients can find their websites easily. There are two primary ways to accomplish this:

When a potential client searches online for legal services, the first page they see lists more than a dozen websites. The first few sites at the top are known as PPC ads because Google charges a fee when someone clicks on the link. These ads are also referred to as Search Ads or AdWords and can be identified by the word “Ad” inside of a box.

Google does not charge a fee for displaying the next group of websites below the initial PPC ads. Instead, these sites achieved a high ranking because they were optimized for Google’s search algorithms. The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to achieve a higher position in the areas where these unpaid (or organic) search results are displayed.

Should a Law Firm Invest in SEO or PPC?

Law firms should probably invest first in SEO before considering PPC, even though it may seem like PPC is the best choice for making sure a website shows up near the top. There are several potential downsides to pursuing a PPC-only strategy, including the following:

  • PPC can be expensive
  • There is no guarantee that people clicking on PPC ads are qualified leads
  • If qualified leads do reach a poorly designed website, they may not convert to clients
  • Google charges higher fees for PPC ads that drive traffic to poorly optimized websites
  • The benefits of PPC cease when the budget runs out
  • Some internet users purposely skip over PPC ads

For these reasons, the best strategy is for law firms to invest in SEO first and then consider the costs and benefits of PPC.

What is Involved in SEO?

SEO primarily involves improving the quality and quantity of website content. This typically takes time, as well as a level of expertise in many areas, including the following:

  • Continual creation of fresh, relevant content
  • Knowledgeable use and placement of keywords
  • Optimization of text, headings, images, captions and links
  • Ongoing maintenance to adjust to changes made by Google

Google continually expands and updates its SEO algorithms. For example, some of the many changes within the last few years include new rules regarding voice search and mobile-first indexing.

When Should a Law Firm Consider Adding PPC?

A well-planned SEO strategy should produce tangible, positive results within four to six months. After search engine rankings have improved, a law firm may want to consider adding PPC. An experienced legal marketing services firm can assist in developing a PPC campaign that includes the following:

  • Creating text for the PPC (Search Ad)
  • Choosing the best keywords (Google charges more for some keywords than others)
  • Reviewing ad performance reports and making adjustments as needed

PPC can be especially useful for certain business needs. For example, if a law firm is competing for specific high-value clients within a short period of time, a targeted, well-planned PPC campaign could well be worth the investment.

SEO Specialists at Premier Legal Marketing Can Enhance Your Online Presence

The experienced legal marketing services team at Premier Legal Marketing stays on top of the latest advances in digital marketing to attract more clients to your website. As the leading PPC company focused exclusively on helping law firms, we have the expertise to craft just the right balance of organic SEO and PPC ads to fit your budget and achieve your goals. We provide social media marketing, email marketing, and public relations services as well. Contact us online or call us today at 856-320-2016 to find out how we can take your legal marketing initiatives to the next level.