Infographics Will Never Go Out of Fashion – Here’s Why

In advertising, it can be a struggle to keep up with the constant need for stimulus and the short attention span of modern consumers. A marketing tool, such as the Infographic, that has been around for a while may seem like a dinosaur to companies who want to stay on the cutting edge. However, infographics provide unique opportunities to reach potential clients that no other strategy has yet to match.

Infographics are a key component in your marketing strategy. The following are just a few of the ways that distinguish infographics from any other marketing tool.

4 Ways Infographics Can Enhance Your SEO Results

  • Visual appeal for visual learners

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I’m terrible with names, but I remember faces” or, “I’m not good with numbers, I’m a visual learner”? According to a study by the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of people are visual learners. Most online surfers who click on a webpage and see nothing but dense text keep surfing until they find a page that is more easily digested. When you post content that is visually appealing, like infographics, not only is your page more attractive to a visitor, they are also more likely to retain the information they read.

  • Simple and effective communication

The world has never seen such fast paced, Twitter condensed, overly stimulated life. Keeping an audience’s attention has become the number one challenge for marketers, advertisers, public relations specialists, media and even educational instructors. Infographics consolidate content and highlight the most pertinent information. Such bullet points provide viewers with a high-level overview and allow them to pick and choose the information that best suits their needs. Once they have weeded through the content, they are able to request more information on the topics pertinent to them.

  • Elicit emotion and set the mood

While long-form novels may be able to stir passion, effecting a similar sentiment in short form advertising fails miserably short. Infographics have the ability to pack a powerful punch. Bland text is anything but emotive. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in a medium where every word counts, infographics can be a valuable tool to accomplish what could not otherwise be achieved.

  • Short and sweet

Research companies are constantly publishing results of compressive studies. Many times, these studies have been conducted over the course of many years, with hundreds or thousands of participants. While all this information may be critical to inside professionals, it is not always necessary for the general consumer. Infographics streamline data processing and allows your audience to focus on what is relative to them, without weeding through content that does not pertain to their needs.

These are merely four of the many advantages manifest in infographics. The multitude of services that are available to those who wish to include infographics as part of their advertising and marketing campaigns are manifold.

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