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Content Team:

Our unparalleled content team takes pride in producing original, informative and interesting content carefully crafted to appeal to readers while boosting SEO. PLM writers encompass a variety of backgrounds from lawyers, medical professionals to English professors, and they are among the best in the business.


The IT team at PLM manages all servers and domains. Moreover, they provide 24/7 technical support and regularly consult with the website development team to ensure user-friendly content management for all websites maintained by PLM.

Public Relations:

Our exceptional PR skills help lawyers build on existing client relationships to promote repeat business and referrals while also attracting new clients online.


Sue’s passion for the promotion of small businesses and her wealth of knowledge and experience in the legal marketing field make her the ideal sales team leader for PLM. PLM’s sales team is comprised of bright, dynamic professionals who are adept in all aspects of attorney niche marketing and who truly care about their clients’ success.

SEM Team:

Our SEM team specializes in research and analytics, devising targeted strategies custom designed to achieve the goals of each PLM campaign. Our attention to detail and comprehensive commitment to each client’s success are invaluable assets to PLM and our clients.

Social Media:

PLM’s social media platforms enable our clients to expand their brands across numerous online platforms. Our aptitude for the latest social media trends and our ability to transform those trends into effective marketing tools has driven a tremendous amount of traffic and attention to our clients’ websites.

Website Design/Creative

Attracting the eye of a valuable client is the goal in creating a captivating, informative website. At PLM, our team of website designers design distinctive and engaging custom websites that will lead clients in your direction using the latest technology while incorporating necessary SEO concepts.

Website Development:

Our web development team combines their exceptional computer skills with an eye for aesthetics to oversee the creation of all websites developed at PLM. They incorporate the latest technology, such as responsive design, and innovative features that appeal to users and drive SEO in each custom-designed website.

For more information, or to speak with one of the team members listed above, call our New Jersey SEO firm at 856-320-2016 or contact us online. Partner with Premier Legal Marketing to expand your Internet leads and grow your online presence.

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