Search Engine Optimization Company: Nurse Reuses Syringe When Administering Flu Vaccine


Search Engine Optimization Company: Nurse Reuses Syringe When Administering Flu Vaccine

Employees at a pharmaceutical company were notified that the nurse who was hired by the company to administer the flu vaccine did not follow proper medical procedures. According to officials with TotalWellness, the nurse reused the syringe multiple times, potentially exposing employees to infections.

An official from the New Jersey Department of Health said that the needles were changed for each patient but the nurse used the same syringe several times. The NJDOH representative said that they are not aware of any disease transmission at this time, but they recommend all employees get tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

In addition to reusing syringes, the nurse did not give the proper dose of the vaccine. Employees were given less than the recommended dose, which means that they may not be fully protected against the virus. If they want the full dose, they will need to get another shot. This inconvenience could have been avoided if the nurse gave the appropriate dose in the first place.

For those employees affected by this unfortunate situation, a phone line has been set up for employees to call with any questions. It is not clear whether any disciplinary action has been taken against the nurse.

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