The Power of the Podcast


The Power of the Podcast

PodcastIn a 2018 survey, it was discovered that 24 percent of American adults had listened to a podcast during the month, and 15 percent had listened to a podcast during the previous week. That translates to 42 million people listening on a weekly basis.

In our fast-paced world, everyone is on the go and getting the information you need from a podcast is fast, easy, and requires little effort. Because podcasts are portable, you can listen virtually anywhere at your own convenience. And because of this, there is little demand on you by a podcast; unlike text or video presentations, which require your full devotion.

Podcasting allows you to convey your firm’s voice in a powerful, personal way. The intimacy of a podcast can begin building a relationship between you and potential clients. Today there are apps, such as SoundCloud and Stitcher, that allow anyone with a smart phone to listen to podcasts.

Since a podcast is invited in by the listener, that means that you are talking to someone who already wants to hear what you have to say. As the listener hears the warmth and inflection in the speaker’s voice, you can establish an emotional connection to your listener.

We Can Help You Create Entertaining, Informative Podcasts

We can help you create podcasts that will draw in potential clients and direct them to your firm, building your firm’s brand and credibility. As a boutique digital marketing firm, Premier Legal Marketing (PLM) offers the very best in personalized service. Call us today at 856-320-2016 or contact us online to learn more about PLM’s internet marketing services for lawyers.