SEO Company: Shopping for a Digital Marketing Company for Your Law Firm


SEO Company: Shopping for a Digital Marketing Company for Your Law Firm

Digital marketing companies are not only competing for top rankings in Google searches, they are also vying for your business. If you are shopping for a digital marketing company to promote your law firm, it is important to look for key indications that a company will deliver results. Also, you will need to keep an eye out for a few red flags. Although many SEO companies in the Philadelphia area claim to have the best strategies, resources and results, can they prove it?

What to Look For in a Digital Marketing Firm

  • A good SEO consultant will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current website which details any problems, identifies areas that need improvement, and analyzes how you stack up against your competition. Rather than offering you the same “one-size-fits-all” solution they offer to all potential clients, a good SEO consultant will determine your law firm’s specific digital marketing needs and design a customized marketing campaign that will work for you.
  • In order to truly be effective, an SEO company’s strategy must addresses onsite elements as well as offsite elements. For example; an aggressive pay-per-click campaign may drive a lot of traffic to your website, but if your site is difficult to navigate, full of broken links, or lacking in relevant content, users will quickly move on and check out your competition instead.
  • A boutique digital marketing firm with an in-house team that works together to promote your law firm will be able to deliver high-quality, personalized, timely service in a way that large marketing firms cannot. Some unscrupulous SEO companies send work off-shore to people halfway around the world who do not understand your marketing needs and are not really invested in your success.
  • Results speak louder than words. Can a digital marketing consultant show you examples of their work and provide references so you can email or talk to satisfied customers about their experiences? Check out other websites that are designed, managed and promoted by a particular SEO company to help determine if they are the right fit for your law firm.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. An SEO company that promises to have your website on the top of page one within one month cannot be trusted. It is impossible to accurately guarantee page rank.
  • Black hat SEO tactics, like cloaking or link buying, may result in a short-term ranking boost, but they could do long-term damage to your reputation Google that would be very difficult to recover from.

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