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Philadelphia Legal Marketing Firm: Progress for Transgender Anti-Discrimination

Some progress has been made in recent years regarding interactions between the transgender community and the rest of society. National rights groups, civil activists and celebrity activists have raised awareness of transgender equality issues and several federal judges have recently ruled that transgender individuals are protected from discrimination under the Civil Rights Act. However, more progress must be made to prevent transgender discrimination in the workplace and prevent hostile work environments.

After bathroom access for transgender students sparked a national debate and some states passed legislation limiting transgender individuals to only using the restrooms designated for their birth gender, the Obama administration fought to extend Title IX protection to transgender students. As a result, many schools and colleges have since made adequate accommodations for transgender students to use the bathroom. Transgender employees in the workforce, however, are often subject to unlawful discrimination and harassment regarding bathroom use from other employees and employers. A few companies have decided to make single occupancy restrooms available for employees to avoid potential problems; however, properly training and educating employees about the transgender community can go a long way towards preventing a hostile work environment.

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