SEO Company Highlights the Importance Mobile-Friendly Website Design


SEO Company Highlights the Importance Mobile-Friendly Website Design

As of 2015, more Google searches are being performed on mobile devices than on desktop computers; therefore, it has become essential that a website’s design be mobile-friendly in order to reach its audience, gain traffic and remain competitive in Google search rankings. Before last year’s algorithm change, Google warned that mobile-friendly sites would be ranked above non-mobile sites in searches performed on smartphones and other mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website is a basic necessity if you want to keep up with your competition in 2016.

Mobile-friendly websites are designed to load quickly, provide an optimal viewing experience on a small screen, offer intuitive navigation and require minimal scrolling. This can be achieved in one of two ways. Some websites will automatically redirect users to a mobile version of their site with a separate URL when they detect that the user is on a mobile device. A more comprehensive approach (and the one that Google recommends) is a responsive design. A responsive designed website will adapt and conform to the screen size on which it is being viewed without redirecting users to a separate URL.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you may have noticed a drop in your search engine rankings on mobile searches; however, desktop search rankings have not been affected by mobile-friendly design… yet. Google has left the door open for future updates to possibly include algorithm changes that will negatively affect desktop search rankings of websites that are not mobile-friendly. Moreover, with the majority of users searching the web from smartphones rather than computers, a responsive designed website provides a strong foundation capable of reaching the greatest number of users in your target audience.

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