SEO Company: The Best and the Worst SEO Strategies


SEO Company: The Best and the Worst SEO Strategies

Many unscrupulous SEO practices are designed to trick Google into lending credibility and authority to undeserving websites, but do these backdoor tactics and scams really work?

One of the most common culprits is link schemes. Generally, inbound links indicate to Google that other users find a site relevant and trustworthy, and some website operators will try to capitalize on this by paying another website to link to theirs. Although there may be marginal short-term benefits to link schemes, Google has expressly prohibited this scam, and its crawlers will inevitably pick up on improper practices and penalize the offending websites. A better SEO strategy would be to create a well-designed website with relevant, informative content and focus on organic link building through social media marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and email marketing.

Another unethical SEO strategy involves plagiarizing or duplicating content to increase the volume of your site. This is done under the misguided notion that Google will raise your rankings based solely on the quantity of your website’s content rather than the quality. In reality, you will achieve higher rankings with an adequate amount of original, well-written content, and your site will be penalized for any plagiarized or duplicate content causing your rankings to drop.

Deceptive redirects and cloaking are unethical SEO tactics which redirect users to pages they were not intending to visit and display content to users which differs from what is displayed to Google crawlers. Such strategies more likely to aggravate users, increase your website’s bounce rate and drop your ratings, than provide any long term SEO benefits. Also, Google will catch on and penalize your site.

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