SEM Company: Social Media Saves Lives


SEM Company: Social Media Saves Lives

World Kidney Day is recognized annually on the second Thursday in March in close to 100 countries around the world.  People in need of a kidney transplant often spend 5-7 years on a waiting list before a donor becomes available, if one becomes available.  Many have successfully found living donors through Facebook and other social media outlets.

Chris Johnson from Lynn, Massachusetts did not have high hopes when he created his Kidney for Chris Facebook page two years ago.  Johnson says that he has never been a big proponent of social media in the past.  Cheryl Welp of Celestine, Indiana saw Johnson’s page on Facebook and responded by donating her kidney to save Johnson’s life.  Since finding a donor, and a friend for life, Johnson has become a believer in the power of social media.

A pastor in Kannapolis, North Carolina found out through Facebook that a former wrestler he had met briefly at a yard sale was in need of a kidney donation.  Pastor Tim Jones was moved by the Facebook plea made by Don Herbert’s wife.  Jones invited Herbert over for dinner and offered to donate his kidney if they were a match.  The two had met only three days before.  They were a match for a kidney transplant, and the operation is scheduled to take place this month.

Christie Harding of Jacksonville, Florida was compelled to take action when she saw the Facebook post in December, 2013, made by a mother in Minnesota who was desperate to find a suitable donor for her 2 year old daughter, Arianna Moore.  Harding’s daughter is the same age, and her heart went out to Arianna’s mother.  Christie Harding was a match for Arianna, and the transplant saved the toddler’s life.

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