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New Jersey SEM Company Premier Legal Marketing Reports on Exploding IPhone

Erick Johnson of Long Island is now recovering at home after suffering severe burns and spending ten days in the hospital because his iPhone exploded in his pocket.  The explosion happened on Valentine’s Day while Johnson was on his way to his cousin’s funeral.  Johnson says the phone was in his pants pocket when he bent over to pick up a set of keys that he had dropped.  He then heard a pop then felt his leg burning.  Unable to remove the iPhone from his pocket because it was on fire, Johnson managed to rip his pants off and throw them aside.  He was rushed to the hospital where he spent ten days being treated for second and third degree burns.  Johnson has hired a personal injury lawyer to represent him in a complaint against Apple.  Other iPhone users have also reported exploding iPhones.  In October, a man in Arizona reported that his iPhone burned through his pocket after it was bent in an accident.  In Maine last year, an eighth grader’s iPhone blew up in her back pocket when she sat down.

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