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Philadelphia Internet Marketing Firm Reports: New FDA Warnings on Fetal Ultrasound

The Food and Drug Administration released a revised Consumer Update on Tuesday stating that it “strongly discourages” the use of fetal ultrasound imaging and heart Doppler use for non-medical reasons.  There has been a trend in the last decade to create “keepsake images” of babies in-utero using 3D sonography, with some expectant parents even having “ultrasound parties”.  Ultrasound boutiques have popped up at strip malls and heart monitoring dopplers are available for purchase or month to month rent.  But, the FDA warns that although there is no scientific evidence that the ultrasound waves harm the fetus, there is an effect on the developing body.  Repeated exposure to these ultrasound waves heats the tissues and can cause bubbles to form.  Doctors do not know what potential long term effects these changes may have and are encouraging parents to have these medical tests done only when necessary and preformed by trained medical personnel.   Click on this link to read more on the new FDA warning.  

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