Mobile Searches vs. Desktop Searches


Mobile Searches vs. Desktop Searches

What’s More Popular?

New Jersey SEO company delivers websites and mobile apps designed to draw in clients. Since computers arrived on the scene for both business and private use, and the internet gained popularity, consumers use their desktops to search for items of interest, what to purchase, and where to go for necessary services or even on vacation. Smartphones with their availability, convenience, and versatility also enable users to access the same searches in less time and through a swipe, click, or vocal command. Purveyors of desktop computers may wonder if the popularity of their products may be waning in the war between mobile devices and desktop computers. Which device is more popular and used more often among consumers when it comes to mobile vs. desktop searches?

Which Devices Consumers Use

Ask the typical consumer of technology which ranks as the more popular device for engaging in internet searches, and the user would probably point to their smartphone. Many consumers, though, own a variety of technological devices, and the freedom to choose whichever device to use for searches may differ. According to recent studies, the majority of consumers do not confine their computer usage to any particular device and may browse on one device and research on another. In fact, people may use several devices throughout the day for different purposes, which makes it even more paramount for your law firm to appear on various platforms and your website to be accessible from any device. While it is important to have a multimedia presence on all platforms, for individual law firms, you may wish to calculate the numbers for both mobile users and desktop users to discover how to cater to your specific customers and their needs.

How Much Time Spent Per Device

The amount of daily use on a device, whether smartphone or desktop unit, varies. Currently statistics show that mobile devices are gaining popularity over desktops. Although desktops are still relevant, recently mobile devices exceed desktop usage overall. Browsing via a smartphone surpasses the browsing formerly done on a desktop, and at a higher rate. Statistics show that mobile device usage ranks around 51 percent while desktop computer usage ranks below that percentage at 42 percent.

Who Wins in Website Visits

Although mobile devices tally more usage on the internet for news and entertainment purposes, social media perusal, and messaging, studies show that consumers seeking to make purchases and embark on more intense research use their desktop computers. From millennials to baby boomers, most users flip-flop between their electronic devices depending on what task they are performing or what information they are seeking. In this case, adaptive web design works in multiple mediums, which enables users to connect to a law firm website with the same clarity and information no matter which medium they peruse. Currently, all devices win in the battle for most website visits.

What Consumers Favor — Mobile or App Usage

In creating a suitable web design, law firms may want to consider creating a mobile app for consumer use. About 90 percent of mobile phone users actually utilize mobile apps instead of simply using their smartphones to search for whatever information or website they want or need. Having a mobile-optimized site should be standard, but the addition of a mobile app could elevate your law firm to greater heights and place you above your competition.

Premier Legal Marketing Delivers Websites and Mobile Apps Designed to Draw in Clients

Today’s savvy consumer utilizes all electronic mediums in the search for information. At Premier Legal Marketing, we can design a custom website, search engine marketing campaign, and a mobile app that increases exposure and branding for your law firm. Call our SEO company today at 856-320-2016 or contact us online to see how our digital professionals can revamp your site for optimal exposure.